Monday, 1 February 2010

Monday Morning And UFC

So this morning i had to get up at a ridiculous time of 7am after not getting to bed until 2am, so really i got about 4 and half hours sleep, this was because Me and Tom went round Jakes with Maria and Amy to watch a movie, after quite a few suggestions we all finally came to a suggestion of 'Old School' which is great so i was happy. But anyway i went into my lecture got there 30mins early which weren't to bad because i just went on the macs, when the lecturer finally came the lecture only ended up lasting about an hour so we finished 3 hours early! Im not complaining... During that time i got NFL Wembley tickets to see the greatest team in the history of the sport the 49ers! Me, Oli, Hogey and if its anything like the Pats game Smirnoff but im not sure. Gold rush cheerleaders as well, makes me happy! And trust me the cheerleader theory doesn't apply when its professionals. I then came back and started playing a bit of UFC and searching for MMA gyms in guildford area and found one perfect gym in Farnborough! Ace! Thats all for now X

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