Sunday, 31 January 2010

Nights In Worcester

So this is my second blog post, i dont really know what i am going to be talking about but i will wing it really. So i shall start with last night. Which was a great laugh i will say that. Expensive but a great laugh. It started off with Tom and I wandering to Maria's house where there was Budge, Taz, Steve, Jake, Kate, Briar, Toyah and of course Maria playing on singstar which was a good when it came time to mine and Toms go we sung five which was interesting, might I ad that I won that time but unfortunately Tom wanted a rematch so I said fair play and Maria thought it would be funny to pick a Spice Girls song which I am happy to say in some way that I lost. One of the very few times might I ad. Then we went down to Postal Order and we had a banter time there, spent a few hours there, played 'I have never' for a bit and then just general chat about nothing. Finally we moved onto Marrs Bar which was fun not a big fan of that kind of music but the company was A grade. At the end of the night it was left to Tom, Maria, Dan and Myself and just went back and chilled on the couch, me and tom walked back and it was bitterly cold, really freezing 3 layers was not enough! Got back about 6am and went to bed. Tonight I think we're going to go see 'Avatar 3D' which should be good, something different and all that before starting lectures tomorrow, and hopefully i need to get onto a different occurrence for my tuesday evening lecture so i can start the Muay Thai training. Until the next time peeps, peace out X

Friday, 29 January 2010

Back in the town of Woooooo

Ok so its 11am and i've been back in Worcester for just under a week, got lectures starting again on monday that i am kind of looking forward to weirdly enough. I just feel a bit lost currently and don't really know what to do with myself so its more the fact that i got something to do and some kind of reachable goal for the time being. It just follows yesterday which was good and all but it was just slow and dragged, Me, Tom and Ad just chilled in the front room and watched some TV and chilled on our laptops for the day and then watched 'The Hangover' of course it was because of the night out on wednesday dressed as Ru-fi-ooooooo! Which was an amazing night. From my view go out and have a laugh if something else comes from it then thats a bonus. What i don't really get though is first year before Em i seemed to talk my way into being with more girls even just briefly than since we broke up, whats that all about? Maybe i still love her and i dont want to move on yet as im not that kind of guy, been there done that felt shit for it. Im just really bored, and it sucks being alone. Im actually really looking forward to getting back home not that i dont love worcester but i can just chill at home or go to the gym or go play golf or go meet friends, espeshially the girls ;) ha. Seems to be different when im home, perhaps its the company im with, i just seem to meet more girls back home, i got to say im missing Vanessa at the moment just because it feels better to be with someone than without, im more of a relationship guy i've found although at times i really wish i wasn't but that ain't me. Anyways im gonna go do my weights for a while i think, gives me something productive to do.
Until the next one, bare loves X