Monday, 26 April 2010

These Days

These days are being epic days, Saturday had to be my best day in a while. That being said imagine this, I walked about 50 mins to Sainsburys to get a 85p loaf, which was beautiful but on my way i passed tesco express, small co-op as well as big co-op, why did i walk that kind of distance? Well basically it was sunny as anything so i thought i would walk further to soak in more sun. Then when i headed back i was thinking i should do some work before going out in the evening at that point i got a message from a certain bad influence Maria who said to go sit by the river with her, jake and turner so i did, get more air. I then went out saturday evening with Dano, Daryl, Kelly, Kelly G And Eve after a free Massaman Curry which was amazing! It was a great laugh, went to postal order, lloyds and bushwackers. What really started to make my evening was when Em tried messing with my head to no avail, why? Because i was with 3 stunning girls in their mid 20's and she was jealous which i thought was so funny, you need to realize you mean nothing to me anymore because your so childish. I one upped her big time though that night which im not gonna get into, just know it was an amazing night and day. Ahhhhh the choices we make ay, much loves people x

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